Pillow top & bordato

Pillow top & bordato

Select the upper quilted panel and the border for customizing the zipped mattress cover of your dreams

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When imagination and tradition come together giving life to a tape edged zipped mattress cover, characterized by the great quality of full handicraft production.
In Pillow Top model we are in presence of a quilted upper panel with soft filling completely detachable, capable of adapting and molding itself according to the shapes of the body, providing a unique and blanketing sensation. Both Pillow Top and Bordato models are manufactured to improve the design and with many border solutions, such as 3D Spacer, Warp Knitted, and All Fabric.
In addition to being a zipped mattress cover easy to assemble with a divisible zip, we have paid particular attention to details, which characterize the entire CoverConf production.

Informations complémentaires

Upper quilted panel

DSF2173-P, DSF2184-P, DSF2218-P, DSF2334-P, DSF2887-P, DSF2888-P, DSF8218-P, DSF8223-P, DSF8229-P, DSF8235-P, DSF8238-P, DSF8244-P


DSF-2283-F, DSF2173-F, DSF2184-F, DSF2212-F, DSF2218-F, DSF2236-F, DSF2253-F, DSF2258-F, DSF2271-F, DSF2288-F, DSF2296-F, DSF2298-F, DSF2302-F, DSF2304-F, DSF2307-F, DSF2330-F, DSF2334-F, DSF2887-F, DSF2888-F, DSF2899-F, DSF2912-F, DSF8218-F, DSF8220-F, DSF8223-F, DSF8227-F, DSF8229-F.png, DSF8235-F, DSF8238-F, DSF8244-F


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