Imagination and Innovation.


Raw materials quality, inspiration and research are the unique features, which distinguish us.

A company focused on craft traditions, expert workmanship, attention to details and qualified personnel, makes the innovation and research its constant strenght. CoverConf is made up of entrepreneurs, who want to diversify their products by focusing on the uniqueness and personalization of the finished product, on the unique ability oriented towards an industrial project without neglecting the attention to details typycal of an artisanal and Italian production.


100% Production & Design Made in Italy

Italian excellence combined with industrial production systems. We can manufacture, create and combine zipped mattress covers using multiple variations and selected raw materials, guaranteeing an innovative, high-design product, a Craftsmanship Made in Italy can just offer.

At your Service

Our Strenghts

CoverConf develops and creates 100% Italian Design, guaranteeing production speed and high zipped mattress covers quality offering a unique and well-known product all over the World. Zipped mattress covers for quality mattresses, prompt delivery and possibility of customization.

Zipped Mattress Covers Made in Italy

Five collections lines, from the most classic to the high-quality zipped mattress covers, all rigorously made with selected raw-materials, designed and created in our laboratories. Hypoallergenic padding, anti-bacterial and thermo-regulation fabrics, guarantee micro-climate or unique freshness regardless of the seasons. The majority of our zipped mattress covers protect the mattress even from stains or liquids maintaining their technical characteristics longer than the classic standards.

Personalized Zipped Mattress Covers

We can guarantee every dream so far never realized! Thanks to our know-how and own craftsmanship, we have created a tailored department for our customers. We guarantee maximum customization of zipped mattress covers, with a unique design, with colored breathable borders or with customizable handles. Zipped mattress covers with the possibility of using treated ticking fabrics, with essential oils and/or other uniqueness. You can compose the zipped mattress cover of your dreams with a cutting-edge design.

Zipped Mattress Covers for a very quick delivery

In order to offer zipped mattress covers with a very quick delivery, we have created a dedicated warehouse. Thanks to all this we can provide zipped mattress covers in less than a week maintaining high quality raw-materials, fillings and unique design, which distinguishes us.

Not just large Quantities

We also accept orders of small amounts of zipped mattress covers. Our strength allows us to guarantee time, study and tailored production to each of our customers. The innovative production system we have created allows us to follow every step of the request process. both for large industrial quantities and/or for small ones suitable for start-ups and/or show-rooms/shops.

We manufacture Custom Zipped Mattress Covers

Possibility to place orders of zipped mattress covers, included in our actual brochure, with delivery in 24h and/or to assist and advice the best trend one. Our team is available to meet every customer, who wants the appropriate assistance to study the zipped mattress cover of their dreams. We consider of utmost importance the meeting, giving our professional consultation totally free, to decide together the appropriate production by offering types of infinite combinations.

Customize your Zipped Mattress Cover.

100% Customizable Zipped Mattress Covers

CoverConf helps to create your dream Catalog by offering a range of quality ticking fabrics to manufacture unique and designer zipped mattress covers.

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To get the most from our Company, we dedicate to you all the time you need. You will be assisted by our experts who will guide you in our workshops to offer the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

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